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Welcome to Australian Souvenirs Online. For Souvenirs of Australia of all types, Australian-made as well as budget-priced alternatives, Australian Souvenirs Online is your one-stop shop. If you can't find exactly what you want here, please email us and we'll try to find it for you. This is the internet branch of one of Australia's leading souvenir shops so we have access to just about any type of souvenir.

Just returned from Australia and wish you had bought more souvenirs or gifts? Maybe you're an expat Aussie and you need an Australian flag, a kangaroo, a boomerang, or a koala for a barbeque? Maybe you need Australian themed stickers, bar mats, or novelties for a party? Still here in Oz and looking for something special that isn't available locally? Whatever your reason for visiting, Australian Souvenirs Online is here to help. We have loads of experience with Souvenirs of Australia, and we are experts at packaging and shipping items to all destinations.


Hot deals


Shark Tooth Necklace Tiger Shark

AUD$40.00 (Including tax)

Shark Tooth Necklace Mako Shark

AUD$50.00 (Including tax)

Pin Aboriginal Flag

AUD$5.95 (Including tax)

Beanie Aboriginal Flag Reversible Black Red

AUD$14.50 (Including tax)

Cap Black Aboriginal Flag

AUD$14.50 (Including tax)

Pendant Necklace Gold Kangaroo Abalone shell

AUD$26.99 (Including tax)

Featured Products

Blue Heeler Cattle Dog Little Bluey

AUD$20.65 (Including tax)

Baby Grow Suit Australia Blue

AUD$15.00 (Including tax)

Baby Grow Suit Australia Pink

AUD$15.00 (Including tax)

Shopping Bag Large authentic Aboriginal de...

AUD$22.00 (Including tax)

Children's Dinner Set Kangaroo

AUD$26.95 (Including tax)

Kangaroo Dressed as a Swagman 13cm

AUD$4.50 (Including tax)

Necklace Iron Ore Large Bead 2 Teardrops

AUD$23.00 (Including tax)

Bracelet Iron Ore Lge Bead 2 Teardrops

AUD$19.50 (Including tax)

Sticker Aboriginal Flag Map Large

AUD$5.69 (Including tax)

Oven Mitt APRON and TEA TOWEL Set Blue

AUD$22.00 (Including tax)

Tea Towel Australian Magpies

AUD$9.50 (Including tax)

Tea Towel Australian Red Back Spiders

AUD$9.50 (Including tax)